Today the world is full of technology which has drastically changed our daily life . And one of its greatest impact is on our education.In the present day ,in the lockdown,online course is best way to study and utilize this period of time fruitly,you can estimate the advantage that how they are helping even in this difficult time. Studying an online course provides a flexible timing and less budgeted learning for students. They are able to learn their desire course and subjects on their suitable time. This gives a great opportunity for learners to gain new skills and strengthen their knowledge level staying in their own place. For instance, a Nepali student who wants an Australian degree in business management course does not have to stay in Australia, he can study online and complete course staying at his home. Hence, distant learning is economic and time saving.



In recent years, distance teaching and learning has become increasingly popular among the students and this is perceived differently by learners. Many students perceive this as a beneficial aid in learning while others think that they are not as much effective as classroom teaching. However, online courses give more emphasis on the theoretical part of learning and there is less teacher and student interaction. It lacks the practical aspects of learning and encourage the passive learning. This is very obvious that students find it as a less effective learning than in the classroom. A recent study suggests that a greater number of students found classroom teaching far more effective than the distance learning.


However this online study can not take over the traditional studies and can not establish the immortal bond between teacher and students which is only possible in our classroom teaching. In conclusion, the ever growing availability of online learning has gained its popularity among the young adults for many years, which is perceived as beneficial by many people while others find it to be less effective. The emphasis can be given to its effectiveness to establish it as the most cost effective learning than the classroom teaching